Our Process

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The Initial Meeting

1. Meet with you and pick out a color and schedule a time for installation.

2. Next, we will order all of your roofing supplies, as well as set up delivery dates for materials and dumpster.

3. As your roofing installation date approaches, we will keep you updated regarding any possible delays such as material back orders or inclement weather. (We will always keep an eye on the weather prior to your project starting each day to ensure dry days!)

4. We will contact you the day prior to starting your project, in case you need to make alternate arrangements.

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The Installation Process

1. The first thing we do is prep your home (cover and protect all landscaping, siding and windows) to ensure nothing could be damaged.

2. Then, we begin the removal process (the tear off). We'll only remove what we can reinstall the same day. (Most roofing projects can be 100% completed in one day)

3. Upon removal, we will inspect your decking for any water damage or dry rotting. If we find it, we will replace it. Most of the time your project manager will find it when inspecting and estimating your project.

4. We then begin to install your decking with ice shield protection and decking underlayment.

5. It is now time to install your new shingles and ventilation for your roof to breath.

6. Finally, we will perform any final touches needed for your project, such as chimney flashings, capping the shingles at the peak and trimming of any edges.

7. Your roof is complete! We perform a detailed cleanup job to ensure no debris, nails or staples are left behind.

8. Now that the project is complete your project manager will meet with you to answer any questions that you may have, do a walk around the home to make sure everything is complete and then collect payment.

9. We use our dump trailers to avoid heavy dumpsters.




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